Bars by Design Ltd:

Professional mobile bar hire company providing mobile bar services, bar management and bar design in Brighton, London and surrounding areas.

Our experience in the events industry and fixed venue bar management gives us a unique perspective on temporary bar installations. We offer both purpose built and bespoke bars that can be hired from one day to several months. We are experts at dealing with corporate events and high volume service.

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Mobile Bar Hire

We are an industry leader in the production, management and licensing of mobile bars for private parties, corporate events, outdoor events and festivals. We provide dry bar hire, free bar hire and pay bar services with bespoke bar designs.

Cocktail Masterclass

This is a team building experience that is fun whilst delivering the essential benefits of any team-building exercise. Based on our Cocktail-in-a-Box brand-able Corporate Gift, this is perfect for end of day pre-dinner events.

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Mobile bar hire, London 2012, and Olympic Bar cocktails.

Hiring a mobile bar for your event can be a bit daunting as there are so many variables – from hiring just the bar itself, or bar plus staff, or bar plus draught and other drinks, or all the above plus cocktails!! PLEASE come and talk to us so we can make sure you don’t fall down a bar hire hole! We are more than happy to juggle (and sometimes, if you are really lucky, do a little jig) so that you get the bar hire and service you really want at a price that fits. Note that if you are in London, Brighton or any of the surrounding areas you fall directly into our catchment area and delivery will be nominal. And how may of you are thinking ahead to 2012 …Read the Rest