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Posted by admin on Mar 31, 2011 in events

Q: What is a drinks service if it’s not experiential?

A: A vending machine!

This is only slightly tongue in cheek. The best bar in the world cannot compensate for poor service.
So when we talk about the full bar experience, we are talking about quality of service, the right bartender to guest ratio, the theming of the drink dispense, the presentation of the drink, and most importantly the ability of the bartender to add value to your event.

Wagon Bar

See this image for what we mean when we talk ‘blue sky thinking’. This was a bar for New Look Corporate Party where we dispelled with the traditional bar counter and built a Wild West Bar. The bartenders were in theme and literally became a living part of the event.

The bar is the first place that guests will head for (well, that and the bathrooms!) Make it fun, keep it live, and don’t limit the event experience by choosing a traditional bar because that’s what has always been done. It’s time to get creative.

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